mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

Balance Challenge a Parigi!

La fashion designer Isa Griese ci propone di essere modelli per un giorno nella performance che si terrà a Parigi, da Colette, il 12 aprile 2012, in occasione della mostra ÇA & LÀ per i 10 anni del Pavillon, Palais de Tokyo.
Partecipano come invitati speciali Irene Joa, Derek Maria Francesco Di Fabio e Matteo Rubbi.

Ecco l'invito:

Dear friends and friends of friends.
Be a model for the shirt presentation "Balance Challenge" by Isa Griese with special guest friends interventions of Irene Joa, Derek Maria Francesco Di Fabio, Matteo Rubbi Colette in Paris.
Everybody with character.
It's about from simple shirt to unusual shaped shirt.
The performance will be on 12th April. Around 6 pm.
You have to get dressed before and also get some make up, so the meeting time will be in morning of this 12th April.
Send me a pic of you by email: (and also your measure/size)
...and I'll reply with more details!
It's part of Le Pavillon (Palais de Tokyo) 10 years anniversary exhibition This & There
(No budget project:)
It'll be funny fun!

Se passate da Parigi, non mancate!

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